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Matt Mason, Berkshire Grey's Chief Scientist, featured on IoT - AI - Robotics podcast

The Peggy Smedley Show Recently sat down with Berkshire Grey’s own Matt Mason to talk about robotic manipulation and the amazing applications for robotics in logistics and supply chain. 

Matt’s conversation is 01.22.19 Episode 598 – Segment 2

Peggy and Matt Mason, chief scientist, Berkshire Grey, and professor, Carnegie Mellon University, dive into the topic of robotic manipulation. He says there are a lot of problems and great applications for robotic manipulation and details how robotic manipulation works in conjunction with the sensory input. He recommends that if you are going to tackle something, you need to focus on the problem first because too much robotics research is driven by future applications.

Link to the segment here: PeggySmedleyShow-01-22-19-episode-598-segment-2-robotic-manipulation


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