Webinar: Future Proof Parcel Operations with AI-enabled Robotic Automation

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June 25, 2020

Recorded Webinar
Boston, MA On Demand

Featured speakers:

Dr. Matt Mason, robotics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, and former director of the Robotics Institute.

Roman Hlutkowsky, Principal at the Hlutkowsky Group, and former SVP at FedEx Ground.

Omni-channel commerce has created a tremendous surge in the volume of small packages handled by parcel and logistics companies. The ability to quickly and efficiently sort these parcels using flexible, dynamic strategies creates value across the supply chain. Traditional sortation solutions for national hubs and regional hubs struggle to process the types of packages created by ecommerce requiring manual workarounds and extra handling.  Local facilities, where traditional sortation is impractical, need better technology to rapidly sort an increasing number of small parcels for final delivery to homes and businesses.

Robotic automation backed by AI and advanced scanning technology offers enhanced asset utilization and labor optimization at all points in your network for parcel leaders ready to innovate and future proof their operations. This webinar will cover the most applicable robotic solutions for parcel processing, offer a real-world case study, and outline the ROI framework you need to leverage robotics for your own operations.


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