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We take a holistic approach to complex problems, innovate with intention, then ground it with smart pragmatism to deliver real solutions to grow your business.

Tom Wagner, Ph.D.


Tom Wagner is the CEO at Berkshire Grey. Tom believes in delivering value to customers, ethics, and pulling forward new technology to create customer value. Under his direction, these are the guiding principles for the company. Tom’s background includes career management of hundreds of millions in development dollars, P&L, and GM functions. Between Tom’s efforts and those of the BG team, their work has resulted in billions in topline revenue associated with products that deliver value to customers.

Previously, Tom had the privilege of serving as the Chief Technology Officer of iRobot. iRobot is a publicly traded company with a multi-billion dollar market capitalization and is recognized for shipping more robot products than any other company anywhere in the world. Today iRobot automates tasks around home. During Tom’s tenure, iRobot was also a recognized world leader in mobile robot products that grasped objects in unstructured and dynamic domains. Such systems were used effectively in the aftermath of the Fukushima meltdown and are in use today by the military and in other industrial settings.

Prior to joining iRobot, Tom served at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Defense, where he managed programs in artificial intelligence, robotics, logistics, communications, command and control, tele-health, connected devices, and connected intelligent assistants. Earlier in his career, Tom served as a principal lead at Honeywell, a professor at the University of Maine, and in leadership and advisory roles in small & startup companies. Early career positions include General Motors and other various and sundry places and functions from databases to manufacturing backpacks. He holds a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a M.S. from the University of New Hampshire, and a B.S. from Michigan State University.

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Jay Link, MBA

VP of Global Sales

Jay Link focuses on the customer. Jay is the Vice President of Sales at Berkshire Grey and former Vice President at Kiva Systems, which was the first novel goods-to-person robotic systems company. Kiva was acquired by Amazon in 2012 for $775 million and is now Amazon Robotics. In prior lives, Jay has been an executive at BMC Software and Gravitant (acquired by IBM). Jay brings more than 25 years of sales leadership experience to Berkshire Grey along with a strong background in implementing global sales, marketing, and operations strategies across a diverse set of industries including material handling and cloud computing. Jay has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Kevin Ahearn

VP of Operations

Kevin Ahearn is the Vice President of Operations at Berkshire Grey. Kevin’s professional career has been centered on customer focused product design and delivery. Kevin is a firm believer in understanding the customer’s needs and delivering solutions that meet those needs and create customer value. Prior examples of this include the development and deployment of mobile computing and payment processing solutions for transportation, retail, and distribution customers.

While leading the Mobility Business Unit at Hand Held Products, Kevin worked closely with customers to roll out and support multiple versions of the FXG/RPS STAR platform. He is a results-oriented executive leader with over 30 years of experience in business leadership and technology solutions. Responsibilities have included business development, global business management, product management, product marketing, product development and customer focused initiatives for high technology companies. Kevin’s work has resulted in a long line of commercial products and material revenue. Kevin has a B.S. in engineering from The Citadel and a graduate certificate in business management from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

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Scott D'Amour, MBA

VP of Finance

Scott is the Vice President of Finance at Berkshire Grey. He brings more than 20 years of finance and operations experience with a strong background in implementing business systems and executing operating plans to his role. Prior to Berkshire Grey Scott served as Vice President of Finance at HeartWare where he played a key role in the growth and ultimate sale of the company to Medtronic for $1.1 billion. Earlier in his career, Scott was the Senior Financial Officer for Biotage’s North American business unit and the CFO for venture backed biopharmaceutical tools firm BioProcessors. Scott has a B.S in business administration from The University of Massachusetts at Lowell and an MBA and MS in Finance from Boston College.

Jim Campbell

VP of Engineering

Jim is the Vice President of Engineering at Berkshire Grey. Jim comes to BG with 30 years of experience in product development and engineering leadership. Jim started in tech as a software developer and then moved on to a variety of other roles including architect, engineering management, product management, and director, VP, and GM positions. He has worked in a range of companies from startups to global giants like Microsoft and IBM. Prior to coming to BG, Jim served as GM of Cloud Computing at DEKA Research & Development where he led development of an FDA regulated cloud computing platform for medical devices. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of California, Berkeley.

Matt Mason, Ph.D.

Chief Scientist

Matt Mason is the Chief Scientist at Berkshire Grey. Matt has spent 40 professional years solving unsolvable problems in robotics and is an internationally recognized technology leader. Matt has more influential publications in the leading robotics journals than just about anyone, and he wrote ‘the’ book on how robots pick things up (manipulation). Matt is the former director of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon where he supervised all the activities of the Robotics Institute and the National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC).

As director, Matt was responsible for supervising ~ $80 million dollars per year top line revenue largely for contract R&D from industry partners such as Walmart, ABB, Kuka, etc., and US technology organizations such as the Army, DARPA, the National Science Foundation, and the Office of Naval Research. During his career, Matt has contributed to more ideas and technologies in robotics and artificial intelligence than can easily be tabulated and has numerous awards from organizations such as the IEEE. Matt has Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. degrees in artificial intelligence and robotics from MIT.

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Pete Blair

VP of Marketing

Pete Blair is the Vice President of Marketing at Berkshire Grey where he is responsible for branding, messaging, communications, demand generation, and overall marketing execution and strategy. Pete brings years of hands-on supply chain experience to his marketing roles including: retail logistics management, supply chain consulting, and software development for CPG and retail enterprises. Prior to Berkshire Grey, Pete was the Vice President of Marketing for Applause software and Head of Marketing for Kiva Systems; now Amazon Robotics.

Pete started his career in logistics operations at The Home Depot, travelled the globe as an IBM management consultant, and contributed to the success of multiple technology startups over his 25-year career. Pete is an active speaker at supply chain and innovation conferences, and he has a bachelor’s degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from Cornell University.

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We put all our experience together to help customers compete and grow with intelligent robotic systems that automate tasks never before performed by machines in commercial settings.

Our team reflects Berkshire Grey’s commitment to turning innovation and cutting-edge technologies into real solutions that deliver value for customers.

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We are a focused team. We bring a diverse set of experience and expertise in the fields of engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence to building innovative yet practical and scalable solutions. Ultimately, we work at Berkshire Grey because we thrive on solving hard challenges that deliver value for our customers.