Customer Stories

The difference is in the details; With years of successful deployments under our belt, our real world experience translates to tangible business impact for our customers.

Key Business Issue: Handling increased volume and meeting consumer expectations for fast and on-time delivery without increasing labor.
Core Project Objectives: Control escalating costs with manual processes, limiting errors in the sortation process and handling challenging package types.
Customer Outcome: 75% reduction in labor required, 40% decrease in footprint & 99.9% sortation accuracy.

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Key Business Issue: Leverage cutting-edge technology to offer flexible and resilient end-to-end solutions to their customers in line with their commitment to sustainability.
Core Project Objectives: Maximize SKU coverage across variety of customers, increase the resilience of their supply chain and deploy quickly with minimal interruption to their warehouse.
Customer Outcome: Project will go live Fall 2024.

Global Top Beauty Retailer

Key Business Issue: Increase order fulfillment throughput and streamline warehouse operations.
Core Project Objectives: Support their 75%+ YoY eCommerce growth, handle small and challenging SKUs, expand capacity in their existing warehouse.
Customer Outcome: 300% increase in order sortation throughput, nearly 100% SKU coverage including their small, and oddly shaped items.

Key Business Issue: Automate their 685,000 sq ft facility, and optimize their processes to keep up with demand.
Core Project Objectives: Labor optimization, faster replenishment of stores with multiline orders per pick, increase orders per carton.
Customer Outcome: Picking, sorting and packing 1,000’s of items per hour, with a 33% productivity improvement.