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Fast Company Places Berkshire Grey Among Top Innovative Robotics Companies


By BG Blog Staff

Berkshire Grey’s innovative technology is changing industries, solving real-world problems, and making a difference, all of which positions the company as one of Fast Company’s robotics businesses to watch.

Fast Company this week featured Berkshire Grey on its list of 10 most innovative companies in robotics, citing how BG robotic automation solutions enable our customers across industries to pick, pack, and sort volumes of eCommerce orders faster than traditional approaches.

Berkshire Grey creates AI-enabled robotic systems to automate the picking, packing, and sorting of the widest range of item types in diverse settings at speeds with accuracy levels that bring real results to our customers. Prior to Berkshire Grey, automation in eCommerce, retail resupply, and logistics typically entailed conventional conveyor belts that rapidly moved goods around warehouses. While the movement of goods is useful, most operations require the ability to pick up and handle items to fulfill orders.

Our systems can:

  • Handle fragile items without crushing them (tactile sensors combined with AI algorithms).
  • Efficiently handle tens of millions of SKUs in multiple form factors. 
  • Continue operating if the systems come across an unfamiliar item using the intelligence embedded in the software.
  • Identify products and packages with our patented HyperScanner™ that incorporates 360-degree vertical scans to detect barcodes and labels on hard-to-read items and packaging.
  • Continuously self-learn and get more efficient over time while also optimizing where objects are placed in packages going directly to consumers.
  • Transport picked goods to a wide range of locations, depending on the customer’s specific requirements.

Part of Berkshire Grey’s success can be tied to its origins, in which our founder sought a meaningful and impactful problem to solve with technology. Founder and CEO Tom Wagner, PhD, selected operations in fulfillment, retail resupply, and logistics due to their importance to our supply chain and the potential to first enable our customers to compete strongly in the face of disruption — but also ultimately to lower overall costs and raise the standard of living.

Company leaders also apply robotic automation technologies to solve meaningful problems for people and society. Launched last year, the Picking With Purpose™ program is our commitment to feed and nourish vulnerable populations by using our intelligent robotic pick and sort systems to reimagine the distribution of surplus food. Partnering with other socially responsible companies to source food, we can work with non-profits to speed delivery of essential items to hungry families. With additional support and donations from corporate partners, we hope to make the surplus-food distribution supply chain more efficient for many years to come. Working together will generate innovative learnings and partnership opportunities as we transform food distribution.

“We are committed to providing our employees a positive workspace to develop AI-enabled robotics and automation solutions,” says Wagner. “These solutions enable Berkshire Grey’s customers to meet ever-changing consumer demands and achieve business growth.”

To review the full list, read Fast Company’s The 10 most innovative companies in robotics. The Fast Company honor comes on the heels of Forbes’ release of its list of 2021 Best Startup Employers, which also featured Berkshire Grey.

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