Robotic Package Sortation

Rising customer demand for same or next day delivery has resulted in increased labor demands for singulating, identifying, and sorting small packages.

A fully autonomous sortation solution that leverages AI and our patented Hyperscanner™ technology to handle packages traditional systems can’t.


Industry leading technology and increased throughput with no label facing required.

Smaller Footprint

Allows for rapid sorting of up to 2,000 packages per hour in 1,000 sq ft of warehouse space.

Labor Reduction

Handles challenging packages including polybags, tubes, padded mailers, and envelopes without operator intervention.

“We are encouraged by the initial package handling and processing
accuracy of Berkshire Grey’s RPSi system in the Queens facility. As an industry leader in technology and automation, we see the incredible benefits that next generation innovation brings in terms of increased safety and productivity, enhanced customer service and improved flexibility to adjust to changing package volumes and sizes.”

— Ted Dengel, Managing Director FedEx Ground
Robotic Package Sortation (RPSi)

The BG RPSi is uniquely engineered for handling large collections of packages and items. Our unique Hyperscanner™ technology reads complex package types like polybags without human involvement. With built-in monitoring and management, the system notifies operators when orders are complete to expedite the process.

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