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Berkshire Grey Webinars

How 3PLs Solve Labor Shortage Challenges — with AI-powered Robotic Automation

Don’t let hiring slowdowns impact your bottom line.

Hiring and retaining employees continues to be one of the biggest challenges 3PLs face today. More and more of these 3PLs are realizing the benefits of implementing robotic automation to handle some of the more labor-intensive tasks that have been difficult to hire.

Don’t fall behind, learn how other 3PLs are using automation to keep their business growing:

  • Discuss how to get started with robotic automation and outline how to identify the best opportunities to apply automation
  • Highlight how to develop the business case for your projects, including tips on how to pitch the best opportunities to executive leadership
  • Review the data necessary to analyze your robotic automation eligibility
  • And More!

Date: September 23rd, 2021 | 2PM EST

Bryan Boatner
Vice President, 3PL Solutions at Berkshire Grey

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