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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Berkshire Grey

For Innovation and Leadership in Intelligent Robotic Automation for Omnichannel Fulfillment

Berkshire Grey was recently recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Innovation and Leadership in AI-Based Robotic Fulfillment.  The analyst firm reviewed Berkshire Grey’s performance as a company and analyzed our solution portfolio.

Frost & Sullivan sets the stage in their comprehensive analysis –

Frost & Sullivan Report on Berkshire Grey cover artFrom eCommerce to retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG), companies want to solve operational challenges in their warehouses that are impacting supply chains so they can capitalize on new logistics opportunities. Some of the major operational challenges are labor scarcity or availability, and the pressure to improve capacity and maximize utilization of existing facilities and assets. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic has made labor availability as well as labor management (e.g., maintaining social distancing between workers within facilities) all the more difficult, thereby intensifying operational challenges. Yet despite COVID-19 and with fewer workers available, Frost & Sullivan points out that companies remain under pressure to deliver customer orders faster and safer. 

Operational challenges in today’s labor market cannot be addressed by simply increasing worker numbers, which will certainly not help companies stay competitive and cost effective. Market forces such as the current pandemic, other operational challenges impacting supply chains, evolving consumer preferences, advances in technology, and intensifying competition are all forcing companies to change the way they do business to improve efficiency, raise quality, and get their goods to more places more rapidly than ever before.  Businesses that do not innovate and adapt won’t thrive.

The report goes on to categorize Berkshire Grey’s position in the market, outline the strengths of the company’s solutions, and delineate Berkshire Grey’s differentiators in terms of both company and solution performance.

Download a complimentary copy of the analysis to get the full story: http://go.berkshiregrey.com/Global-2020-08-WC-Frost–Sullivan-Research-Report_L.html

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