AI-Enabled Intelligence

Modular Cloud-based Software Provides a Scalable Foundation
That Learns and Improves

Intelligent Software that Enables Your System to Improve Performance Over Time.

Our software learns to be more efficient as robots identify additional SKUs, become more productive, increase throughput, and lower cost per pick, through use. Built to scale in enterprise environments with highly-available infrastructure and robust security. 

Self Optimizing​

Performance increases over time as additional SKUs are identified and picks per hour increase over time.

Modular & Scalable

Meet the ever-changing needs of customers with a flexible system that’s easy to integrate components.

Smart Sequencing

The optimization and orchestration of process flow to maximize order efficiency with nearest destinations.

Shared Learnings

Learns individually and shares within your AI‑enabled robotic network for peak performance across your entire system.

Enterprise Ready Reliable and Robust Intelligence.​

Automates a wide variety of fulfillment scenarios to fully optimize operations tailored to your business needs.

In-depth Cloud AI/ML and Analytics.

Provides access to a comprehensive data hub to understand and optimize your solution performance.

Secure and Seamless API Integrations Across Platforms.​​

Integrates with your existing enterprise supply chain systems and common UI without extensive platform overhaul.

Rigorous Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance​

Achieves improved OEE/TCO through reduced downtime and improved system performance.

Cutting-Edge Technology

That Works Meets Expectations Delivers Results on Day One

Built and managed by a world-class team with unmatched industry experience who are performance-driven to deliver results.

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