Mobile Robotic Fulfillment

Enable fast, more profitable, higher throughput eCommerce and retail fulfillment.

Leverage a fully integrated, dynamically controlled fleet of industrial-grade mobile robots, goods-to-person and goods-to-robot, with both low and high-density buffer units.

Facility Throughput

Enable higher facility throughput and increase speed of distribution including 3X truck turns.

Less Time

Reduce store receiving and shelf restocking time with the ability to merge store replenishment and ecommerce order into the same shipment.

Lower Labor Costs

Optimize your labor with higher efficiencies, reducing cost and dependency.

Distribution Centers

Create aisle-ready replenishment and process more goods simultaneously to increase throughput with short-term,
high-velocity, high-density buffering,
order picking, and order consolidation.

Nano-Fulfillment / Back of Store

Leverage in-store high-density buffer for immediate store-to-store inventory replenishment, fulfillment, returns reinsertion, and automated

Micro-Fulfillment / Dark Store

Convert brownfield facilities to automate
eCommerce and local store delivery within
small, dedicated spaces that replicate
most distribution center functions for hyper-fast, hyper-local delivery.


A flexible, scalable mobile outbound sortation solution that can be easily implemented and dynamically adapts to brownfield environments and changing business needs.

Use Cases: Store Replenishment, Reverse Logistics