Automation Before Peak to Meet Your Goals

Real-World Value for Customer Success

A beauty retailer
increased daily volume to
85,000 units
in the same footprint.

A fashion outlet
cut costs by 29%
and refocused savings on
retained employee up-skilling
and development.

A denim brand saw
over $430,000
in annual savings from
optimized efficiency.

A Top 10 beauty product retailer saw huge growth in eCommerce sales and demand for same-day delivery and buy-online-pickup- in-store, driving them to seek ways to streamline operations and increase order fulfillment throughput in their existing facility, with the option to expand.

Deploying a Berkshire Grey robotic put wall enabled them to:

Why Berkshire Grey?

Designed to handle challenging SKUs — clothing, cosmetics as small as 0.25x0.5”, electronics, bulky items, shoe boxes, and more.

Turn-key integrations help fit into your existing flows. Install in weeks with BG put walls in stock for peak.

Reduces physical and time-consuming processes, along with labor required for picking, sorting and packing.

Sort to up to 240 destinations (shelves or totes) with adaptable configurations and sizing to meet your evolving needs.

Is Your Pick-to-Light System Failing You?

Aging pick-to-light (PTL) systems are nearing end-of-life, leaving you burdened with skyrocketing maintenance costs and stagnant productivity. Join the discussion on transforming your eCommerce, retail, or distribution center operations with a seamless, cost-effective solution that drives substantial productivity gains.

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