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Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Berkshire Grey for Its Innovation and Leadership in AI-Based Robotic Fulfillment

Berkshire Grey’s Solutions Automate Fulfillment Tasks Never Before Performed by Machines and at Scale

Boston, Mass. – August 11, 2020

Berkshire Grey (, a robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) company developing retail, eCommerce, and logistics fulfillment automation for global companies, was recently named a 2020 Enabling Technology Leader in industrial fulfillment systems by Frost & Sullivan.

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed behavior as consumers move online in search of more convenient, contactless, and safer shopping methods. This has strained eCommerce and retail supply chains, forcing structural changes in fulfillment operations as they double down on omnichannel strategies and reconfigure existing space to meet new demands.  In selecting Berkshire Grey, Frost & Sullivan called out its holistic approach to delivering robotic solutions that pick, pack, and sort products and packages for delivery to consumers and retail establishments.

In addition to gaining more capacity from existing distribution centers to meet surging demand for faster shipments of smaller, more frequent orders, retail and third-party logistics fulfillment operations require systems that provide immediate value upon deployment.  Berkshire Grey’s offerings are complete systems that reimagine critical workflows and processes rather than piece parts that organizations must source and integrate to build systems that automate actual work.

“Frost & Sullivan applauds Berkshire Grey’s holistic approach to robotic automation,“ said David Frigstad, chairman of Frost & Sullivan.  “Businesses that adopt Berkshire Grey solutions are seeing fast ROI, enabling them to improve operational capacity and be more agile in serving their customers.  As a result, Berkshire Grey customers can innovate, adapt quickly to changing market conditions, and meet evolving consumer preferences amid intensifying competition.”

Frost & Sullivan also lauded Berkshire Grey for its AI-guided automated picking capabilities, which continue to improve in performance the longer the system is in use.  Berkshire Grey solutions excel at identifying, perceiving, and grasping while achieving the reach, speed, and conveyance necessary to automate accurate picking at high speed and with great efficiency.

Berkshire Grey’s autonomous, AI-powered systems can efficiently handle millions of stock-keeping units (SKUs) in a variety of form factors, including instantly recognizing and handling goods or items that the systems have never processed or even seen before.

“Consumers have steadily embraced omnichannel shopping practices for some time.  Today we are seeing retailers and fulfillment houses facing two to three times the demand compared to previous periods driven by online purchasing for safety and convenience reasons,” said Steve Johnson, president and COO of Berkshire Grey. “Our solutions enable supply chain leaders to scale to meet these challenges while positioning them to successfully dominate their sector.”

Download a complimentary copy of Frost & Sullivan’s analysis of Berkshire Grey.

In contrast to traditional robotic solutions, Berkshire Grey’s holistic approach is multidisciplinary. It combines software and hardware, threading AI technologies through the solution for perception (computer vision), learning (machine learning), motion planning, grasping, and sensing; AI-enabled robotics; flexible systems integration; and mobility. Taken together, these technologies deliver the fastest, most accurate picking and placing of objects, packaged for fast deployment into customer operations and rapid realization of ROI.  Berkshire Grey customers have optimized picking labor costs, overcome worker shortage constraints, and seen improvements in throughput ranging from 25% to 50%.

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Berkshire Grey helps customers radically change the essential way they do business by delivering game-changing technology that combines AI and robotics to automate omnichannel fulfillment. Berkshire Grey solutions are a fundamental engine of change that transforms pick, pack, and sort operations to deliver competitive advantage for enterprises serving today’s connected consumers. Berkshire Grey customers include Global 100 retailers and logistics service providers. More information is available at


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