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Robotic Each Picking Across a Portfolio of Solutions and Wide Variety of SKUs


This video reveals Berkshire Grey’s autonomous robotic each picking technology used to pick, pack, and sort individual products and items as part of retail and logistics omni-channel fulfillment operations.

Berkshire Grey builds fully automated omni-channel fulfillment, robotic each picking and sorting systems. These systems provide a highly efficient, cost-effective way to bring an expansive range and amazing variety of goods and services to customers in a world that’s been redefined by ecommerce. The rise of ecommerce has consumers stepping back from the role of picking and assembling their physical orders. This “handling” part of the purchase process has to go somewhere—namely warehouses and distribution centers—where picking the product adds to shipment, storage and operating costs. And unless it’s performed efficiently, picking and handling can delay getting goods to customers.

It’s a problem crying for a solution and that’s been a catalyst for tremendous innovation. The heart of BG’s systems, the engine that enables full automation, is robotic each picking. Watch this video to learn more about how Berkshire Grey AI-powered robotic solutions are allowing warehouses and distribution centers to pick, sort and process more orders faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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