Reverse Logistics

Streamline and automate returns processing
to accelerate the resale of returned goods.

Accelerate the Resale of Returned Goods by Reducing the Processing Time up to 25%

Accelerate the Resale of Returned Goods
by Reducing the Processing Time up to 25%

Automating Returns Processing is Critical to Improving eCommerce Profitability.

Accelerate the Resale of Returned Goods
with Robotic Automation

BG RPSi sorts and identifies packages from a mixed lot

Trigger Touchless Returns Receipt

Automate the singulation and identification of returned packages to auto receive them without operator intervention

Warehouse staff manually process return orders.

Speed Up Inspection by Pre‑sorting Returned Packages

Autonomously pre-sort returned packages by brand and category to make inspection processes more efficient

Berkshire Grey Robotic Shuttle Put Wall operator is barcoding a SKU to be sorted to fulfill a customer order.

Restock Items Faster for Resale

Sort inspected items back into stock 3X faster using less labor

“A great reverse logistics supply chain can be a valuable profit contributor to a retail company through its ability to optimize the resale of returned merchandise at full price.”

Tom Enright (Gartner)
“The Contemporary Guide to Retail Supply Chain Excellence: Part 3 – Returns and Recommerce”

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Robotic Automation Solutions for Reverse Logistics

A BG RPSi solution sorts incoming packages, identifies them, and places them in designated outgoing bags.

Singulate and identify returned packages in bulk to automatically confirm package receipt and sort them by brand and category to make inspection tasks downstream more efficient.


Automated put walls enable operators to sort and restock resellable items 3X faster than manual approaches.

Warehouse workers install equipment

Professional design and delivery services ensure ROI and deliver complete workflows that include receiving, inspecting, sorting and final dispensation.

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