Mobile Robotics

Comprehensive Solutions Enable Faster, Higher Throughput for eCommerce and Retail Fulfillment

Mobile Robotics

Comprehensive Solutions Enable Faster, Higher Throughput
for eCommerce and Retail Fulfillment

Mobile Robotics

Comprehensive Solutions Enable Faster, Higher Throughput
for eCommerce and Retail Fulfillment

BG FLEXTM is a Modular Mobile Robotic Platform for
eCommerce Fulfillment, Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store, Curbside Delivery, Back-of-Store, and Store Replenishment Operations

The rise of consumer expectations for curbside pickup, buy-online-pickup-in-store, and same or next day delivery has forced fulfillment centers to transform their operations. Berkshire Grey’s next generation mobile robotic platform is the comprehensive solution that fulfillment leaders need to deliver higher throughput and lower costs.

Mobile Robotics Can Transform Any Facility into a High Throughput Fulfillment System with BG FLEXTM

Berkshire Grey’s mobile robotic platform is transforming distribution operations. The platform consists of dynamically controlled fleets of mobile robots, automated induction and discharge stations, flexible high-density buffer, and AI-enabled orchestration software with simulation. Multiple solution configurations scale from moderate to very large throughput operations for micro-fulfillment centers, dark stores, distribution centers, cross-dock operations, and back-of-store operations.

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Increase Your Sortation Eligible SKU Coverage with Mobile Robotics

Berkshire Grey purpose-built mobile robotic systems handle greater SKU coverage than traditional conveyor and other types of unit sorters. Because the mobile robots include gentle vertical pickup and placement at induct and discharge stations, the system is well-suited for products and packages that other systems struggle with such as:

  • Heavy items up to 60 pounds (27.2 kg.)
  • Non-conveyables
  • Shrink-wrapped packages
  • Glass items
  • Other objects that are problematic when using slides for induct and discharge.

BG FLEXTM Transforms Fulfillment Operations by –

  • Reducing store truck unload and aisle replenishment times with granular presorting.
  • Enabling seamless curbside pick-up and extended buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) product selection.
  • Facilitating delivery-route alignment for quick commerce and home delivery.
  • Maximizing transport utilization in delivery networks.
  • Reducing reshelving and maximizing inventory pick station utilization for eCommerce.
  • Automatically integrating resale-ready returned goods with existing inventory.
  • Storing and consolidating partial orders together with filled orders for just-in-time transport loading.
  • Storing, sorting, and conveying more goods with industry-leading goods conveyability.
  • Integrating with Berkshires Grey’s family of AI-enabled robotic picking solutions.

BG FLEXTM Reinvents Warehouse Automation by –

  • Orchestrating hundreds to thousands of mobile robots working in concert.
  • Improving performance over time via AI and machine learning to interpret and adapt to the variability of each customer’s operations and provide ongoing throughput optimization.
  • Scaling from moderate to very-large operations in a matter of days with no down time. 
  • Delivering high reliability and resiliency with no single points of failure. 
  • Offering design flexibility, making solutions particularly well-suited for deployment within existing (brownfield) as well as new (greenfield) operations.
  • Including unique simulation capabilities for planning operations virtually with real-time visualization to deliver rapid deployments and production performance out-of-the-box.
  • Providing open APIs that enable integration with AS/RS, palletizers, and other systems.

Orchestration Software Improves Performance via AI and Machine Learning

Berkshire Grey’s orchestration software is capable of real-time coordination of thousands of mobile robots simultaneously in a single facility. This coordination enables the robots to operate as an intelligent synchronized fleet that performs the millions of dynamic travel pathways required to sequence hundreds of thousands of outbound items and orders — ensuring shipments match the detailed shelf planograms of each store in a retail chain and that customer orders are fulfilled efficiently. A robust set of APIs integrate the Berkshire Grey mobile robotic platform with enterprise software and hardware from other suppliers.     

Mobile Robots Work Together as a Coordinated Fleet

Berkshire Grey’s FlexBot® mobile robots are purpose built to operate in dynamically controlled fleets that are synchronized for robust sorting, picking, fulfilling, and sequencing. FlexBots are outfitted with innovative payload carrying decks to accommodate handling products as small as one pound and as large as 60 pounds. FlexBots are not generic AMRs that only provide point-to-point transport. They are intended to move dynamically in ever-changing pathways as part of a flexible system capable of the granular sortation necessary to enable aisle ready shipments and complex delivery sequencing of items, packages, and orders. BG FlexBots are fast, rugged, and reliable.

Automatic Induct & Discharge Stations Handle the Broadest Assortment of Products, Cases, and Containers

The BG FLEXTM mobile robotic platform includes critical infrastructure components, including automatic induct and discharge stations storage.  Induct and discharge stations called FlexFeeds are controlled by the software to ‘feed’ items, cases, and containers into and out of configured processing floors where the mobile robots carry products and containers to perform sortation and order fulfillment to prescribed strategies.  FlexFeeds are engineered for fast and reliable movements of items and automatically interact with the FlexBots to ensure safe and effective movement of goods into and out of the mobile robotic solution areas. 


High Density Buffer Supports Sortation and Fulfillment within Optimal System Footprints

High density buffer is an integrated component of the platform that provides temporary holding for items, packages, and cases when necessary to accommodate sophisticated fulfillment processing and dynamic sort and sequence runs in an optimal footprint. FlexBots interact with the high density buffer system via standard FlexFeeds that can induct and discharge both totes and cases.  The modularity of the system allows for integrating with other systems such as AS/RS and palletizers from other suppliers. 

Integrated Goods-to-Person Pick Stations Enable Fast, Efficient Order Fulfillment

Inventory and order containers are automatically served from buffer areas to Goods-to-Person pick stations to fulfill orders.  Order containers can be totes, reusable containers, or shipping boxes.  Products can range from food items to apparel, electronics, pet items, toys, and general merchandise.  The stations are designed to support fast picking in an ergonomically sound and safe manner for operators and the user interface is intuitive.  Operators are typically working at production levels within a few hours of initial training.

Overcome Labor Availability Challenges with Integrated Robotic Pick Stations

Robotic item and each picking can be integrated with mobile robots to enable world-class fulfillment operations that overcome labor availability challenges and handle some of the most common tasks including:

  • Picking orders from totes to re-usable containers for store replenishment.
  • Picking from totes for downstream order processing.
  • Assembling customer packages for eCommerce delivery and buy-online-pickup-in-store orders.

Mobile Robots and Their Role in Modern Fulfillment

Learn more about how autonomous mobile robots are the cost-effective and flexible solution for eCommerce fulfillment.

  • Cost-effectively maximize the capacity of existing systems with autonomous mobile robots.
  • Identify the opportunity to use mobile robots to reduce time-to-order windows.
  • Determine the best automated mobile robotics strategy for your distribution center.


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