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How Robots Can Help You Fulfill Online Grocery Orders Faster

By Pete Allen, GM, Food & Beverage Business Unit

AI-enabled robotic automation helps fulfillment centers flex to meet increasing customer demand. 

Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled robotic picking and mobile solutions help grocery retailers meet the explosive growth of online grocery ordering and the need for customer-friendly pickup and delivery options, such as next- or same-day delivery, curbside pickup, and buy online pickup in store (BOPIS).

Our Intelligent Enterprise Robotics (IER) solutions can incorporate multiple forms of picking and mobile robots to manage inventory, process orders, and handle individual grocery items.

  • Robotic Pick Cells convert goods-to-person stations to goods-to-robot stations.
  • Robotic Product Sortation solutions sort, pick, and pack orders.
  • Fleets of mobile robots quickly and efficiently transport items through distribution centers.

Robotic pick, pack, sort, and transport solutions for grocery will fulfill online orders faster and keep stores stocked with the products customers want, helping grocery retailers stay ahead of competitors and exceed customer expectations.

To learn more about robotic automation in grocery, download our Intelligent Enterprise Robotics for Grocery Solution Brief.

eCommerce Explosion Pushes Grocery to the Next Level

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