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Summer Fun at Berkshire Grey

At Berkshire Grey we work really hard to deliver value for our customers, but we also enjoy letting off a little steam once in a while.  Last week we had summer outings at all of our locations (in the Boston area, in Pittsburgh, and in a few others).  We had a lot of fun.  From corn-hole tournaments to ‘beverage’ pong games to just messing around on a bicycle built for two (that was built by one of our engineers so that the two people ride side-by-side) to the great food – we had a blast.  This team is amazing and a lot of fun to work with everyday.   Here are a few pictures from the various parties.  Enjoy the shots then check out our job openings.  Maybe you can join us for our fall all-hands in Portland, ME.  An island lobstah-fest could be in your future.

Move Your Career Forward

JOIN US. We are a focused team. We bring a diverse set of experience and expertise in the fields of engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence to building innovative yet practical and scalable solutions. Ultimately, we work at Berkshire Grey because we thrive on solving hard challenges that deliver value for our customers.