Retail Fulfillment
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Robotic automation for distribution, store,
and eCommerce operations to increase fulfillment speed
by up to 50%

Improve Throughput By Up To 50% And
Solve Labor Availability Challenges

Scalable, AI-Enabled Robotic Automation Solutions Speed Up Fulfillment, Overcome Labor Availability Challenges, And Improve Profitability For Retailers.

Traditional Retailers Must Embrace Robotic Automation to Compete
Traditional Retailers Must Embrace Robotic Automation to Compete

Solve Labor Availability Challenges
for eCommerce Fulfillment Operations

A detailed view of a robotic arm and SpectrumGripper™.
“When COVID hit, demands on our supply chain surged as eCommerce sales almost doubled. We worked with BG to extend the robotic systems operating hours. By doing this, we were able to avoid having to add another shift.”
Top 25 Global Retailer

Robotic Automation Solutions
For Retailers

BG RSPS sortation shuttle places SKUs in boxes
Operator inducted robotic sortation improves fulfillment throughput by up to 4X for store allocation, break pack replenishment, and split-case cross dock orders.
BG RPS system
Automatically pick and sort items, eaches, inner packs, and less-than-case quantities from totes into designated containers.
Robotic Put Walls (BG RPW)
Automated Put Walls sort orders up to 3X faster than manual approaches, improve picking throughput by up to 33%, and handle nearly 100% of typical SKU assortments, order profiles, and packages autonomously.
BG Robotic Induction Station (BG RIS) solution grips a single SKU from a mixed tote
Robotically pick and induct items from totes into traditional unit sorters using automated independent stations.
A Berkshire Grey pick and pack station fulfills the most demanding of orders... ice cream cones from an inventory tote into bags by rotating the long dimension box to place through a narrow opening.

Automate the pick and place of individual items from homogeneous or divided totes into order destinations converting goods-to-person stations into goods-to-robot stations.

Berkshire Grey Robotic Pick and Pack with Autobagger for eCommerce fulfillment automation
Automated picking and packing with identification that enables touchless pick-to-ship eCommerce fulfillment with reduced dependency on labor.
Parcel sort bins from overhead
Autonomously sort eCommerce packages into consolidated bags/boxes/containers for zone skipping with delivery carriers using a small footprint system.
A swarm of BG FLEXbots transfer goods to low-density storage for sequencing and eCommerce order fulfillment
Enables dynamic any-to-any induct to discharge sortation with higher payloads and faster performance than other mobile systems.

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