Sortation System

What is a Sortation System?

Within the context of most supply chains, a sortation system is a process of identifying items and directing them to a specific destination, area, or operation. Traditionally, this process happened manually on a conveyor belt. Employees manually picked pieces off the conveyor system and placed them in totes, boxes, or other conveyors for further processing. Today, it’s possible to automate this process using robotic picking systems that completely replace the traditional conveyor belt system.

Sortation is one of the most fundamental functions of any fulfillment center or distribution center, so ensuring it works efficiently, quickly, and accurately is vital for any supply chain enterprise.

Automating the sortation system means identifying individual items is done autonomously through a conveyor system that automatically sorts and diverts items to their correct locations. Using AI-enabled, task-specific software, companies can decrease their level of error and drastically increase the item sorting rate.

The Warehouse Sortation System – Automated

BG Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (BG RSPW) solutions enable operators to increase throughput up to 4X.

Enterprises are facing immense pressure across multiple fronts – consumer demand is up, and so are shipping costs. Expectations for accurate, fast eCommerce fulfillment are prevalent and have come to be the standard for many customers. Plus, virtually every industry is suffering from labor scarcity challenges.

By robotically automating warehouse sortation systems, it’s possible to reduce shipping costs and improve sorter utilization without adding additional labor. Robotic sorting solutions enable cost-effective shipment through practices like zone skipping with minimal manual intervention.

Advanced robotic sortation technologies come at a time when companies need them most, allowing warehouses to automatically identify, sort, pick, and pack products at rapid speeds. Robotic systems can even help transport those items to their appropriate destinations within a facility, thanks to automated guided vehicles.

BG Robotic Shuttle Put Wall (BG RSPW) solutions enable operators to increase throughput up to 4X.

The Berkshire Grey Solution

Berkshire Grey’s intelligent sortation systems already autonomously pick, sort, and pack tens of millions of items per month for major retailers globally.

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Maximum flexibility
Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Product Sortation (BG RPS) solution utilizes machine learning and artificial intelligence software coupled with patented gripping tech, advanced machine vision, sensors, and engineered material handling components to reimagine the average fulfillment or distribution center in an on-demand world. BG RPS fully integrates into existing warehouse infrastructure to deliver unparalleled autonomous throughput, real-time picking accuracy, and best-in-class SKU coverage.
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Fleets of autonomous robots
Berkshire Grey’s Mobile Robotic Platform (BG FLEX™) systems use orchestrated fleets of mobile robots to enable dynamic any-to-any induct, discharging sortation to deliver faster fulfillment and require less labor overall.
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Convert, optimize, improve

Use AI-enabled robotics that can directly interface with your existing ASRS, conveyor-based, and micro fulfillment center solutions with Berkshire Grey’s Robotic Pick Cells (BG RPC). In addition, BG mobile robots convert goods-to-person operations into goods-to-robot operations, which optimizes labor and improves accuracy.

A Deeper Dive into Sortation Systems

Increase efficiency

Able to handle any volume of orders, Berkshire Grey’s solutions leverage scalable, AI-enabled robotic automation to increase throughput by 25% to 50%. While sortation systems are only one aspect of what Berkshire Grey can assist with, it’s a crucial part of any supply chain.

Lessen dependency on human labor

Labor is expensive, and quality labor is harder to find than ever. Robotically automating the common warehouse functions such as sorting is the next step forward, optimizing existing labor utilization and scaling fulfillment. Robotic warehouse automation systems can save companies time and money without compromising on output.

Why Berkshire Grey?

Mobile robots

By introducing the next generation of mobile robots, Berkshire Grey provides solutions for touchless, scalable order fulfillment systems. High-capacity automation can augment human labor, providing additional order processing capacities in pre-existing operations. Already deployed across several of the world’s largest retailers, Berkshire Grey’s solutions help accelerate business growth.

Install into existing operations

Berkshire Grey’s suite of solutions was curated to be as customizable and modular as possible. When it comes to sortation, enterprises integrate automated systems into existing operations even with small footprints of less than 2,500 square feet. Whether your enterprise is a micro-fulfillment center or a massive distribution warehouse, Berkshire Grey’s automation systems can be adjusted to fit your needs.

Accessible pricing structures

By offering Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) pricing structures in addition to traditional CapEx, Berkshire Grey can offer state-of-the-art AI-enabled automation solutions that would be cost-prohibitive to build independently.

Real-world performance

Berkshire Grey’s automation solutions deliver tried and tested performance in many different settings. We understand how important reliability is in any supply chain, and our automation systems are extensively tested under the harshest conditions to ensure mission-critical dependability.


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In short, the sortation conveyor system directs items or products from one conveyor line to another. These systems can be integrated into existing system merges, induction systems, and sortation diverts. Overall, the sortation conveyor system is meant to help identify, track, and transport products properly in order to expedite the order fulfillment process.

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There are many different types of sortation equipment, but each ultimately has the same purpose: used to separate items into predetermined sections. Intelligent robotic solutions can allow for this process to be done autonomously.

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A unit sorter is a system within a warehouse or distribution center that can classify individual items accurately and rapidly, increasing operational efficiency and reducing labor costs. Understanding how and where to leverage unit sorters depends on the layout and size of the operation in question.

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