Pick and Pack Warehousing

What is Pick and Pack Warehousing?

One of the most common and useful applications for robotic automation is picking and placing in warehouse sectors. After all, the need to sort and move materials, parts, and products is a constant variable in supply chain operations.

Fortunately, the process of pick and pack warehousing has never been more efficient, with AI and robotics systems revolutionizing the way warehouses work. Yet, despite these advances, many fulfillment or distribution warehouses are still reliant on traditional, manual processes to complete parts of their picking and packing systems. These warehouses stand to gain the most by robotically automating some or all of their operations.

What technologies improve this type of warehousing, though? In order for the cost of eCommerce to consistently be reduced and aspects of operations to routinely improve, automation comes in as a reliable solution.

Benefits of Pick and Pack Warehousing

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There are many benefits that pick and pack warehousing can provide through technology like automated fulfillment and robotic picking and sorting systems.

Better efficiency

Shipments can arrive at their intended destinations sooner than expected when warehousing uses organized and well-managed parcel handling and sorting techniques. Since shipments are delivered faster– and fulfilled more accurately – customer satisfaction improves alongside it. These improvements are largely made possible by automated systems that can streamline packing and parcel sorting while leveraging advanced strategies such as zone skipping.

A reliable pick and pack fulfillment process can streamline the completion of orders by packing and labeling products in the same facility. This removes the middleman that was traditionally needed for collecting goods from different storage facilities and sending them to one location to get packed and labeled together.

More cost-effective

Optimize the cost-effectiveness of your pick and pack procedures through automation, reducing human labor requirements. The result of pick and pack warehousing models is an increase in profitability and an overall improvement in operational efficiency.

Order picking system robotic arm grips product SKU from tote

The Berkshire Grey Solution to Warehousing

Berkshire Grey’s robotic automation solutions make it possible for pick and pack warehouses to generate greater throughput while simultaneously lowering their costs.

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Sortation, reimagined
Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled solutions revolutionize traditional practices, turning slow workflows into sleek, efficient processes that reduce labor costs and improve overall outcomes. In fact, BG Robotic Induction Stations (BG RIS) specifically increase sorting utilization and order throughput by up to 50% compared to traditional sortation systems – without increasing labor.
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Packing processes, streamlined
BG Robotic Pick & Pack (BG RPP) stations allow a warehouse to turn over inventory quickly and more accurately. While eliminating human touchpoints through robotic picking and packing directly to customer packages, BG RPP increases throughput drastically while lowering shipping costs and allowing for optimal package sizes.
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Faster deliveries, happier customers

Happier customers mean return customers, which is the ultimate goal for fulfillment centers. By ensuring your warehouse runs efficiently, you can also secure faster delivery, resulting in happy customers.

Berkshire Grey’s Pick and Pack Warehousing Expertise

While fulfillment warehouses and other facilities understandably have many moving parts, Berkshire Grey’s AI-enabled robotic automation systems simplify and streamline workflows, scaling fulfillment efficiency without compromising quality.

Customized systems

Each warehouse requires a unique picking, packing, and sortation approach; this is why Berkshire Grey works with every client to ensure that their automation system is built to fit their needs. The results of this approach are improved throughput by up to 25% to 50%, all while accurately processing any quantity of eCommerce orders.

Handle almost any SKU

Moden pick and pack warehouses handle an immense variety of SKUs every day. This is why Berkshire Grey developed end effectors such as SpectrumGripper™ to address these challenges. Handle everything from polybags to boxes without the need for dedicated end-effectors.

Why Enterprises Choose Berkshire Grey

Comprehensive suite of automation solutions

Our supply chain experts know that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to automation. That’s why Berkshire Grey has developed a solution portfolio that can serve a plethora of industries, including 3PL, retail, eCommerce, convenience, and grocery, with a broad range of fully integrated systems available to fit every scenario and need.

Industry-leading technology with real-world performance

Berkshire Grey understands that the demands pick and pack warehouses place on their systems are greater than any tech demo. That’s why all of our automation systems are stress-tested in the harshest real-world environments to ensure reliability and performance no matter what your demands are. Where other automation systems fall short, Berkshire Grey aims to shine.

Flexible financial options

The days of massive upfront capital needed to build and manage your automation solutions from the ground up are long gone. Berkshire Grey is proud to offer Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) pricing models that bundle maintenance, implementation, and support into one flat, quarterly fee. Get all the benefits of AI-enabled automation systems without the CapEx traditionally required to access them.


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“Pick and pack” is a term within the warehousing industry that involves picking the correct number and types of items from shelves, then packing them as efficiently as possible for shipping. Essentially, these services are what help pack orders and get them ready for transportation, either to stores or directly to the customer.

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The tasks required to perform pick and packing can be easily taught to you, so it’s a great position for people who have little to no formal education/training or previous experience but still want to work. As pick and pack warehousing becomes more popular, it’s sure to become an easier task for operators.

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